Howlite Bracelet Wisdom Christmas with Hard Stone

39,00 27,00 "IVA inclusa"

Hard Stone: Howlite
Colors: White, Light Grey
Material Charm Key: Pinky Steel Nickel Free
Material Charm Circle Wisdom: Pinky Steel Nickel Free
Material: Steel Nickel Free



Howlite Necklace Wisdom Christmas with Hard Stone

The Howlite is a mineral belonging to the borate class, it is composed of hydrated calcium borate and it was Henry How, a Canadian geologist, chemist and mineralogist who discovered it and described it for the first time in all its beauty.
Howlite hard stone comes in compact nodular masses that are even quite large.
It is a white or light gray hard stone.
The veins of the Howlite are dark gray, brown or black and remains a very porous stone.
Given the incredible response obtained in the first bracelet model, Wisdom decided to investigate this stone also with the necklace and the second bracelet model from the WISDOM TEARS collection.