Onice Nero Bracelet Wisdom Christmas with Hard Stone

38,00 27,00 "IVA inclusa"

Hard Stone: Onice Nero
Color: Black
Material Charm Key: Pinky Steel Nickel Free
Material Charm Circle Wisdom: Pinky Steel Nickel Free
Material: Steel Nickel Free


Onice Nero Bracelet Wisdom Christmas with Hard Stone

This beautiful black colored stone is a variety of Agate, a generic name given to Quartz. Like all quartz varieties it is very hard.
Because of its mysterious and impenetrable color, which refers to the unknown and the mysteries of humanity, Black Onyx has inspired many legends and beliefs.
Legend has it that this black onyx stone originated from Cupid. The spiteful god of love cut Venus’ nails with the tip of an arrow while she slept.
He left his nails scattered there on the sand. The Moires decided to change them to stone, so that no part of the divine body should ever be destroyed and remain immortal as well as its divinity.
Wisdom highlights its beauty with a very elegant suit, necklace and bracelet.