Turchese Bracelet Wisdom with Hard Stone

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Hard Stone: Turchese
Color: Turquoise, Light Blue
Charm Heart: Steel Nickel Free
Charm Key: Steel Nickel Free
Charm Circle Wisdom: Steel Nickel Free
Bracelet Material: Steel Nickel Free

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Turchese Bracelet Wisdom with Hard Stone

Turchese is a mineral found mainly in Iran
The origin of the name Turchese is uncertain, but seems to derive from the French word ‘turc’ (Turkish).
The Turquoises, in fact, arrived in Europe from Persia through Turkey.
Turquoise, known for millennia, is a fascinating and highly sought after stone:( symbol of the celestial divinity and
of the wonders of the East.)
The first were the Persians to love the most precious quality, sky blue.
The splendid blue color, due to copper, has made the Turquoise a sacred stone also in Tibet, in Ancient Mexico and in pre-Columbian Peru.
In Europe it has become the stone of knights and travelers that protected against risks and dangers.
It is obtained through a manufacturing process that uses two components: the Turquoise powder and a resin.
The “4 Flowers” classification identifies the highest degree of quality of a turquoise paste.